Chayil Charitable Services

Female-centered programs assisting women in creating optimum well-being and alignment in their life through programs that are relevant, progressive, and empowering.

Our Vision

True (life) alignment cannot be sustained when a person’s mind, body, or soul is in distress.


Achieve clarity and tranquility through deep meditation.


Cultivate balance and vitality through mindful practices.


Connect with the oneness of the universe and harness your energy within.

  • I will restore your health and heal your wounds.
  • Be the best you eternally, and your reality will reflect your best you.
  • You are the workmanship polished and refined.
  • I can do all things well.
  • I am calm and poised for my day
  • icon-cupping

    Cupping Therapy

    Stimulate circulation and release tension to promote overall balance and rejuvenation.

  • icon-qigong


    Cultivate balance and inner peace through gentle movements and focused breathing.

  • icon-acupuncture


    Restore harmony and promote healing by balancing the flow of energy within your body.

  • icon-qi


    Tap into the universal life force energy, harnessing its power to enhance vitality, well-being, and holistic balance.

  • icon-meditation


    Cultivate inner peace and clarity through the practice of meditation, connecting with your inner self and nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

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